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About spirituality

There is no age to know one’s self. It may start it as early as your taste buds permit the taste of food. It is all about knowing who you are if a student is aware of the purpose with which he is pursuing studies he can be better focused in studies. As the child sees his or her face in the mirror and learns to smile, spirituality is a process that makes this child looks into the depth of his inside to create better understanding with self and all around him. Be it a late starter Pensioner or a Scholar wanting to reduce study stress. For Kids of all groups and ages we have Kids God Classes.
It is what you do spontaneously without been told. It is the natural action performed by the mind coming though the subtlety of one’s inner space.
Yes those who are the promoters of a natural concept rising from the space of Advaitaare missionary. They profess a system where the teacher and the disciple are both at the liberation. This is the principle with which the Hindu gyanverdhak / knowledge giving gurus arose. A missionary is an individual who leads a pure life style that cannot exploited by an untrue thought.Such a missionary will have regards to all other sect followers. Missionary helps people to out of their problem by removing unrest from disciples’ life through an exemplary Life. Yes Bapa(AkshardhamPramukh Swami), ChinmayaSwami , Swami ShriNityananda, Swami Vivekananda – they were a legacy of Hindu missionaries.
The Shiva is the ultimate when seen as a body it is an attempt so staying or settling in the body he smokes. The climatic conditions are different it is an act for an expanded energy to contain in a small space, but you are not Shiva, you are also not evolved and do not follow a herb that is not for you. You are not enlinement with Shiva his satya/truth and your truth are not the same. Likewise Ram Krishna Parmahansa a Yogi used smoke as an anchor for holding his body his context was to stay in the body but he too suffered CANCER.
Like most other skills willpower is a natural skill of a being. Of course it rises in the Manipur chakra, if you wish to go Yogic way. However the definition varies from person to person. For some it is the power to persist in a tempered climate , while for someone else it is lifting heavy weights, for some it is the ability to side kick emotional setbacks, for some a combination of all. Eg. To thin down one needs will power or the ability to hold your taste buds tight, so that intake of quantity and quality both are a part of controlled action with a long term goal in mind. The Willpower is the seed of performance that is in built in every creator born. The energy of degree of Will may very but the Soul seed always exists so does the will.

Organic Food

Food is a way to express energy.What we eat makes our body. As said by the Satguru,Bread we eat the Body we make.
As a coach I started practicing the growing of organic food with the help of kitchen waste and natural manure. “Pots for Food Production” is my agenda at Gee’s Spiritual Studio, for those living inflats can always raise some vines and herbs to support kitchen garden balcony; A large variety of vines- Gourds grow in India throughout the year, Mint and Coriander the flavor of Indian curry are some easy non space consuming greens .... We can help people eat better live better. Growing vegetables in the society parks and even the road side ornamental parks this will give shape to a collective community effort and food could be marked as an act of collective living. The variety of food and cuisines we have in India that we consume on various occasions are the pots of thriving energy that we make. The joy or celebration is expressed as food. It’s the act of nobility to serve food. Many a hungry mouths can be feed if the open space where Offices and Schools or Colleges grow green could be used to grow fruits vegetables and served to the students or by the students as an act of charity. The science classes could be made more purposeful and agriculture better understood. Further we have lessons on how to grow green which are a part of our Coaching sessions as well.
You may grow food as a hobby and remember this is a process of releasing stress, the large no of individuals who are using matchbox space for work station and are stressed by the energy been sucked will find a great relief in growing green. This act will improve focus and element of hope when the plants grow from seeds to flowers to fruits. For those who are on the verge of break downs it is a great healing therapy. You may also use some Green Aventurine Lamps (healing stone). By using an Aventurine you will be processing on the vibration level. The solid food is for body, thought for the mind vibration for atmosphere.
The enemies are there to point to you the areas of challenges you need to make up with. Your enemy is the reflection of those phases of life where you have a deaf ear. The silence of our heart is provoked by your enemy when you are lost in Maya. Many a times when you overcome your enemy you will find the accomplishment of self-up gradation would have flowered. This means that if your enemy is “poverty” than war against the Poverty is won when you work on giving your self-skills that heal your incompliance. You cannot win your real enemy “Poverty” by killing the other job seekers or by hating the Rich. This issue of darkness in Life can be removed only by improving the level of Guan/knowledge that your opponents will just flash to you the cause of your suffering. Some times as a bribe seeking officer, sometimes a cruel Mother -in-law, not to miss a nagging Mother or a Sister-in- law. These are the people who will come as the actors of brutality or noise, but the moment we learn to self-respect our own beings and we make a fill in our inner space we are over with the enemy. The tears roll back we are able to roll back the tears and make a completion in our own self. This means that one need not waist time telling what the enemy should do or picking up a fight but a victory can be got the moment the reality is understood and you learn to make your own foundation strong. Make yourself Larger than the line of problem and you shall be the Banyan Tree whereas the problem will be reduced to a grain of mud under the tree.
It is a greeting you give to yourself. It is the authentic behavior you pursue it is the integrity with which you shape up. Self-Respect is flavored by the conversation we make with our self. Allow your Self-image to be render and the willpower will grow. By a bit of self-training one can shape up a lovable handsome all pleasant and happening self-image. Be what you really want to be. Be honest to yourself and the self-image will rise.

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