Spiritual Studio by Swami Ma Girija Nandani (Geetanjalikhanna)

For Success Clients and Students are coached through the Vedic authentic Advaithic /Non duality traditional system from the Vedic scriptures. Which everybody can enjoy as a whole positive experience. Victory is just a method of snatching we are not moving our soul further.

Step by step you are lead in to a simple training that lead to a point of achievement with original experience of peaceful blissful radiating life. Success is from completion to completion and Victory is a match of karma. The Advaithic tradition is a fact that gives a space of expansion.


Step by step you are lead in to a simple training that lead to a point of achievement with original experience of peaceful blissful radiating life. Success is from completion to completion and Victory is a match of karma. The Advaithic tradition is a fact that gives a space of expansion.

  • Information packed practical training.
  • Vibration = Energy = Power”- A pre workout expression.
  • Learn the art of responsible Manifestation.
  • Practical learning experience with live project work and examples.
  • Practical assignments at the end of every session.
  • Practical assignments at the practical training.
  • Workshops with interactive sessions.
  • Facts from the Masters who have tried tested and proved the theory.

The Turning Chapter

All Cheers! And Naman!  To those who have had the courage and wisdom to reach here to my site. Those who need a new direction and success they have to know to surround them self with quality people powerful people. People who have mastered the Art of Manifestation, Art of Self-Healing and Growing the Seed of Will power people who have attuned themselves with the Power Crystals and Alchemy products.

I questioned myself, why have I shredded my beautiful life into a disheveled nest of twigs? When my life despite of hard work and many a grace did not work well, I was shy a shamed of my existence and I went into a freeze zone. Haunted by the shadows of the past, I took to my best treatment The Power of Self Reflection. Tears of anger at my self-rolled down my cheeks till my Eyes could see no more, the mind was stuck in the mash of a small Pound life dweller. The shame of unsuccessful happenings made me feel low. I felt I was sinking, finance was at the lowest of its order I was refusing work, refusing up gradation, refusing the idea of growth and I was sinfully fragile to do any work. My body was in pain when I shut myself to all possibilities of Life.Despite of blinding circumstances something in my Life said it was not yet over for me, there was something I still had on my side. I knew that I can make an impact in my Life. I knew I have dropped from the level of a self-reliant Entrepreneur to a family dependent sickly woman. The talk I made with me and that others sound that came to me was that of a sinking body. My narrative had to be changed, from being a drowning Duck to a Wise Swam.

As I laid quite still in the stiffness of my mourning of a nightmare, I called for my Masters to help. A huge consignment of holistic stones Jade appeared to my credit from an old contact of the past. A smile came along but my resistance to my past events was too strong to Let Go.  I had faith in the spiritual studies; I had faith in the motivational reality stuff from the Indian mythology.Although I had the memory from the past when i was a launcher a designer a therapist A Visualizer, most of all A Grace Seeker, who got a beautiful home, set of vehicles in the driveway, Pets and Plants, Crystals and Jewells to adore. But that was nothing, my thirst was for some unexplainable that was to be found to share with a piece of Life that was me. My attention was scattered on all who messed me or shook my Nest. I was missing a Savior, a Samurai Worrier who could calmly rescue Me.. I was missing on the Face of one being that was Me. The sound of all Labels I got as a women, as a daughter, as a person, a professional, were haunting me.

I knew the masters of Traditional studies had told me that the Devine Soft Skills, Seed Of Divinity Was Embedded Right With In Me. The constant updating of the spiritual structures made me wonder what wrong I did to deserve a shamed marriage breakup, a life threat, a mean portrait of a money hungry jealous abusive side of Life. While I was bed ridden for more than two years I spend all my time in redoing, the readable stuff that could promote my spirit. I was sick but not brain dead I could understand that it was time to redesign my Life. I bought the programs of John Ashraf heard Tony Robin and my favorite fire brand Swami Nityananda. Wait a while My bellowed guruji Swami Amritanandam finally on the request to the universe and my master NryanDuttaShreeMalije the master of Tantra sciences gave me an appearance to wash off my pain body.I went with in at some phase were I realized, I suffered only because the canvas I painted was of an actor from the 70’s movie and ended up copping SharmilaTagore in Amer Prem. My vision was Low and I thought it was value of a humble woman “No” it was a sabotage. I was all this while into a negative conversation with me. Since I was the product of an era where I had to prove myself endlessly, as a Woman who is an all-rounder, although I always believed “I am that what I am”. The Label or the Brand trap, may shocks and rejection recipes, killing the connect with the consciousness, a constant mind brooding- this was a foolish dream that I would be a part of people, who are not a part of my flow, I made a mistake in trying to be a part of others approval. A recharge came to me when I heard John Ashraf shouted in my ears for more than 6 months, wake up Rewrite Your Story. Then came the subjects discussed by the power guru Nityananda who gave me an understanding that the Spirituality I was born with is the prompter of my abilities. I realized I was born with the special powers that I need to rehearse now from within ME.

I looked at myself and decided to bring back my flow yes I knew that I had The Seed of Divinity in Me


I am grateful to THE NATURE that i took the SWARD OF THE SHATRIYA YOGI and decide not to be miserable any time any more. I decided to remove all the mess of my Pain body, I decided to be bold. I decided to do the work that made me feel good it was the riches of Treasure of Crystal world with a combination of Coaching people who were losing a grip of mind matter ……..

My outwards action started after I got a Celestine vision of the Secret Geometry at the break of a dawn. My body was now gripped with the glow of the Golden Light Swami Amritananda grassed me, however with a warning that I will be changing my dimensions now. Next my body temperature soured and I fell to a state with loss of time for a few days but as I got back to live the understanding was large all my emotional pain body was flushed. I had a clarity of Mind I knew I had to work on giving clarity, shift, Power to other Living souls.This is when I reached a school in Noida for Kid’s God Classes and knew it was time to look visible and repaired like the successful people of the world. I launched www.geetanjalikhanna.com . But this was not enough I was heading the group of people on the half century done, I had the definite command on myself now, I decide to give space to a team of women who are looking for a new vision board in Life. I knew I needed to show opportunity to the most talented women who had got a bit bundled in their own messy mind messages. I decided if someone Shakti or Female empowerment was to be worked on I had to stage a platform. Where when a Women wants to earn with consciousness upright, with a power space a Lady with twinkle in eyes, smile on lips, flow in Life is a way the Team would raiseto higher level of vibration. I had to go through the bumpy ride but made sure I will enjoy every up and down of the stream. I was to fight my biggest Enemy that was with in Me.

I knew that I had to match the heights of the sky make a major come back. “The best revenge in Life they say is to make a Powerful come back”- This I heard from the mouth of Allea Bhatt a Bollywood star. I had a heart that used to be bleeding, but I knew I was the Hero of my Life and I would never be dead. I decided to be responsible for my Image, peace and fulfillment. I had now decided to make this my best 50 years so I decided to through off the toxic stuff off my Life. That means the unwanted clothes in my cupboards or the relationship that never were for me, I wanted to be now with the best of everything for me. I decided to smile from within, I decided to expand my Space. I decided to STOP living other peoples Life and enlivened myself with people with positive growth patterns. No sucking pals or relatives were of importance to me in the Frame of my Life I started purifying the Ganges that I was. I realized I was the particle of God the Divinity with I started nurturing. Miracles and magic I had created many a times but this was the time when I had to Rewrite your Story. I knew I was a ready to  Redesign Life Now!

I am a success and if I can Rescue animals from brutality, Grow Plants from the Earth - I can grow from the other elements like Air Water Ether Fire. My final submission I have enjoyed my tears, my sorrow, my pain and it’s over today I wish to teach coach the method to make a SHIFT in Life of other people as well. I believe I’m in the best space of consciousness I can make a great head way here and onwards.

My Goal is to keep my Country Awake My aim is to loosen the hands of the terror that have made men and women sick and ailing , it is my mission to make a better Me, a Better Country, a Powerful space of radiating souls around me.